I come from Ostrava-Nová Bělá where I was living since my birth in 1966 to the year 1988. My parents and my brother still live in this part of Ostrava. In 1988 I got married and moved with my husband to the mountain village Malá Morávka, district Bruntál in the Jeseníky.

I have worked in Prague since 2011.

After graduation from Secondary Grammar School in Ostrava-Hrabůvka in 1984, I started studying the school of social law in Ostrava-Poruba and after one year I was enrolled to Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Brno, Faculty of Law (today it is Masaryk University ). In view of my study results I was conferred a degree Doctor of Laws.

In October 1989 I started to work as a probationer at the County Court in Bruntál and in December 1991 I passed the judicial examinations. In view of the fact that I fulfilled other essentials, I was appointed as a judge of the County Court in Bruntál. Since April 1994 I judged at the civil-law department. I liked the work but I prefer independence and that is why in September 1997 I resigned from my post. Since 1st January, 1998 I have been an attorney.

As an attorney I rendered legal services in the sphere of the criminal, civil and commercial law but I also specialised in the customs law. At present I am almost solely concerned with the criminal and civil law.

I have been politically independent for all my life but I have been always interested in the internal problems of our country and in the possible solution. Thanks to my good language knowledge (German, Russian, English) I was also interested in the international situation and the position of our state in the the world. In this connection I am bothered very much about the enormous servility of our politicians towards those who are political allies at present. I do not consider the fact that we are a small country to be a legitimate apology. In Europe there is a range of even smaller countries and their political establishments have the national self-worth. The typical illustration of the evaluation, that is not unbiased, is our government policy towards Russia. The first twenty years of my life I could experience the extreme propaganda of the brotherhood with the Soviet Union that had to be an example for us in almost everything. Another twenty years of my life I can follow the media campaign when a citizen, who does not have an opportunity to watch and listen to the media abroad, must have an impression that nothing happens in Russia , they do not build up and sometimes an old people´s home burns down there. I would like to contribute to the realistic evaluation of this area that we absolutely uselessly yielded to the other world economies.

I am interested in all essential world religions and churches. I have studied especially the Bible and Bhagavat Gita but I do not profess any particular religion and I decline any religious dogmatists. I am persuaded that each individual has right to his own religious evolution and nobody has right to force his creed upon him. In this area I appreciate the motto : “ Who does not respect the creed of others, he himself has none.”


I like embroidering pictures in my free time; I am interested in history, especially in the mutual relationships of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Great Britain and Russia; I listen to music; I like travelling; besides EU I keep in touch with the relatives in-laws in the U.S.A. and with my friends in Russia.

My most favourite colour: all pastel colours especially blue

My most favourite flower: orchid

My most favourite books: K. Weinfurter – The Flaming Bush, The Bible in the light of mysticism

My most favourite band: -

il Divo / 3 excellent tenors not much well-known in our country and one magnificent baritone (source -

- I have my personal friendship with the members of Russian songs and dances ensemble, they are well-known in short as the Alexandrov ensemble – see:  (source -

In 1992 our daughter Jaroslava was born, she is a student.